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Catnip is a herb that is frequently used in cat toys to make them more exciting and keep them interesting.  Approximately two thirds of cats react to catnip which causes them to rub themselves on the toy, lick, bite and roll around with it.  

Cats also like to eat catnip which can be sprinkled on their food in small quantities as a treat.  

Cosmic catnip is the only kind of catnip that my cat reacts to and he absolutely loves it. Pets at Home only do one shaped toy (very dull brown "cigar") so I was thrilled to find a bigger range here. He loved the delivery and shredded the packaging to get to his new chill pepper and fish, but unfortunately within days he ripped them open and we have powdered catnip scattered everywhere. So I love the products, but wish they'd make the stitching stronger... But I will still re-buy as it's such fun watching him go crazy with them and them collapse in a drunken stupor! Felicity  Read more reviews

Cosmic Catnip High Top Toy

£4.45 Each

View Cosmic Catnip High Top toy

Cosmic Catnip Groovy Gecko

£4.45 Each

View Groovy Gecko toy

Cosmic Catnip Mouse

£3.35 Each

View Cosmic Catnip Mouse

Cosmic Catnip

Good quality, exciting toys containing premium North American grown strong catnip.

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Cosmic Catnip ½ oz Catnip

£2.50 Each

View Cosmic Catnip 1/2 oz loose catnip

Cosmic Catnip A-peeling Banana

£4.99 Each

Cosmic Catnip A-peeling Banana

Fat Cat / Kitty Hoots Catnip Toys

Colourful, fun toys that entertain both pet and owner containing the world famous Zoom Around the Room Organic Catnip.

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Petstages Catnip Toys

Petstages make products with purpose to satisfy a cats different needs.  

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Fuzzy Floss Catnip Toy

£3.55 Each

View Fuzzy Floss catnip toy

Fresh Breath Minty Stick

£3.35 Each

View Fresh Breath Minty Stick

Madcap Swishy Fishy Mat

£9.65 Each

View Petstages Swishy Fishy Mat

Twin Cat

Our cats love this potent 100% organic catnip

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Cleo’s Catnip & Maui Wowie! 2oz

£4.85 Each

Yeowww! Catnip Toys

Yeowww! toys are made in the USA and are 100% stuffed with only the finest, organically grown catnip.

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Yeowww! Pollock Fish

£8.85 Each

View Yeowww! Pollock Fish

Yeowww! Pillows

£3.25 Each

View Yeowww! Pillows

Yeowww! Organic Catnip

From £1.40 Each

View Yeowww! Catnip

Yeowww! Rainbow Catnip Toy

£5.99 Each

View Yeowww! Rainbow catnip toy

Out of stock

Yeowww! Banana

£6.45 Each

View Yeowww! Banana catnip toy

Yeowww! Lady Krinkle Bug

£4.25 Each

View Yeowww! Lady Krinkle Bug cat toy

Go! Cat Go! Catnip Toys

Good quality toys designed to stimulate all of your cats senses using sounds,textures and smells.

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Glossy Mice

£2.15 Each

View Go! Cat Go! Glossy Mice

Honest Pet Products

Provides truly natural pet toys made of safe, sustainable, durable Hemp Fabrics and Organic Wool. The companies principles are

to be true to our pets, true to our planet and true to our people.  More information about Honest Pet Products.

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Eco Mouser Cat Toy

£6.99 Each

Honest Pet Products Eco Mouser hemp catnip cat toy

Eco Kitty Bird Catnip Toy

£9.75 Each

Honest Pet Products Eco Kitty Bird catnip cat toy

Hot Cats Catnip

Colourful, handmade toys made with durable fabric and stuffed with potent organic catnip.

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Kong Catnip Toys

Good quality, tough toys that use different textures and KONG’s premium North American catnip.

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KONG Refillable Hedgehog Toy

Was £3.99 Now £2.99 Each

KONG Refillable Hedgehog Catnip Cat Toy

KONG Kitty Fuzz Bugs

Was £4.35 Now £3.26 Each

View Kong Fuzz Bugs toys

KONG BraidZ Pinwheel Toy

Was £3.99 Now £2.99 Each

View Kong BraidZ Pinwheel toy

Single Link

£5.65 Each

View Hot Cat Single Link Catnip Toy

Deluxe 4-link toy

£10.15 Each

View Deluxe 4-Link Catnip Toy

Hot  Nip Organic Catnip

£4.55 Each

View Hot Nip Organic Catnip

4-Pack of Single Links

£17.99 Each

View Hot Cat 4-Pack of Single Links

Boogie Mats

£10.99 Each

Kitty Hoots Boogie Mats

Kitty Hoots Springy Worms


View Springy Worms Catnip Toys

Fat Cat Appeteasers

£3.99 Each

View Appeteasers catnip toys

Fat Cat Dust Bunnies

£3.49 Each

View Dust Bunnies catnip toys

Kitty Hoots Kitten Little

£2.50 Each

View Kitten Little Catnip Toys

Fat Cat Tail Chaser

£3.99 Each

View Tail Chasers catnip toys

Kitty Hoots Crackler Mouse

£3.55 Each

Catnip Couture Refillable Handbags

£3.15 Each

View Catnip Couture Handbags

Zoom Stuffers!  Catnip Fortunes

£3.75 Each

View Zoom Stuffers! Catnip Fortunes

Kitty Hoots Hat Heads

£4.65 Each

View Hat Heads catnip toys

Fat Cat EEEks! Catnip Toys

£3.99 Each

Chic Eeeks! Catnip toys

Yeowww! Tide Candy Cane

£8.09 Each

Yeowww! Tide Candy Cane catnip toy

Out of stock

Yeowww! Kris Krinkle Tree

£8.09 Each

View Yeowww! Kris Krinkle tree catnip toy

Out of stock

Yeowww! Stocking

Was £4.65 Now £3.48 Each

Yeowww! Christmas Stocking catnip toy

Christmas Catnip toys from Yeowww!

Good quality, exciting toys containing premium North American grown strong catnip.

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