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Funky Felines

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About Us

Funky Felines is a mother (Chris) and daughter (Kate) partnership that was started in 2006.  Chris had been given a Beastie Band collar as a gift for one of her cats and liked it so much that she tried to buy some for her other cats.  She was unable to find any in this country so we decided to go into business together selling Beastie Bands and another brand we really liked, Kitty Hoots.  We now stock 45 collar designs and a wide range of good quality brands.

Two of our Funky Felines!  Hazel is on the left and Elfin is on the right.

Contact Us

You can contact us about any of the products we sell, about an order or just to say hello!

Our email address is

Our telephone number is 01276 475668

Our address is 33 Yaverland Drive, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5DX

You can also contact us through our Facebook page.