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Neko Flies Interactive Cat Toys

Neko Flies are realistic, lightweight lures to entice cats to chase and bat at a toy.  The lures are interchangeable and are easily attached to a metal hook on the rod.

  • The rod measures 21.5 inches in length and has an ergonomic handle.  If you need a rod it needs to be ordered in addition the the ‘Flies’ attachment.
  • The Katarantula attachment is an authentic scurrying, wiggling spider.
  • The Kattipede is a jiggly, crawling, double body centipede.
  • Both attachments come with a 41 inch long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the rod. Made from durable synthetic materials.  

Rod - £6.99 Each       Attachment - £8.45 Each

Neko Flies Interactive Cat Toys
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