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Funky Felines

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Vee Enterprises Purrfect Wispy Bouncer

£5.99 Each

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This is unquestionably the best toy we've ever given our cat--she absolutely loves it, even though she finds most toys uninteresting. Its wiggleability is great for catching her attention, and its soft feathers appear to be a very satisfying reward to bite into when she does manage to catch it. And never has a name been more appropriate--I had NEVER seen my cat twist and turn so! Endless fun, for both us and her! Enrico

The feathers on this toy are good and it has survived longer than most feathered toys in this house, with only one or two feathers having been broken or pulled out so far.  It drives even the laziest of our cats crazy.

Definitely recommend this toy, and we are considering ordering extra Feather Dancers to keep as spares.  Malin

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